Why Vocabulary Building games are Important?

Vocabulary is an integral part of any language and without vocabulary, there is no development of the language. Then what do you think, we all should be learning and practicing the vocabulary only during our learning days? Any idea as to when and how to start learning vocabulary?

There is no such point called as the starting point while learning the vocabulary. It all starts when the baby is in the mother’s womb itself. As the words and language is an integral part of human life. So where is the need for these special programs to learn vocabulary?

The current day education system teaches most of the subjects and also the languages with the end goal of scoring grades/marks and to attain academic success. As long as we study any language or even any subject to achieve the grades, the love for that subject just vanishes.

Language is the art of expressing oneself. Which means that there is no end for practicing the vocabulary in one’s life. Vocabulary will be there till the day the language is present.

“One Forgets Words as one forgets names. One’s vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die” — by Evelyn Waugh

Playing vocabulary games is one of the sure-shot ways to practice the new language or even the language which we speak on a daily basis. The additional benefits of practicing Vocabulary Building games with friends and family members.

  1. These games improve our word power in the language which we are using to play
  2. Spelling would get better with the continuous practice of these games
  3. The logical part of our brain gets activated more and more
  4. The bonding between the players would definitely increase and it would be our time to relax from the daily grind.
  5. Lastly, the love for that language would increase which would once again lead to academic success.

We as a family have the habit of spending the weekend mornings playing the vocabulary building games with our child. That’s the way we bond over the weekend breakfast. What about you? Have you ever tried playing these games with your children? If yes, please do share your experiences.

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Shravmusings: My Kid’s window to the World

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