Why Self Care is equally Important for Kids

Especially in the current pandemic stricken world, Self-Care has become the most important buzzword, that every person is talking about.

People keep discussing, how SelfCare is most important for any person, how it's not really selfish to take care of oneself. I am not wrong if I proclaim that a day will not be complete, without seeing at least one self-care post on social media. Since there are so many social media platforms, one gets to see that many self-care posts as well.

Have you ever wondered, why the word self-care has become a real buzzword these days? It’s because for the past so many years, we neglected ourselves and our feelings in running behind our goals, our targets. And that has weakened our system both emotionally and physically. And now we are bearing the brunt of all that stress and strain.

But now coming back to my original question. Don’t you think it's important for parents to teach self-care techniques to their children as well? The stress in young children is as real as that found in adults. Currently, not many people talk about Kids Mental health, as they really don’t think of it as an issue.

But research has shown that the kids to whom the self-care tips have been taught at an early age fare better when compared to the others. Also, the kids would love to hear those simple, yet effective tips and practice them.

These kids also need ways to express their emotions, fears, and anxieties. They also have to start enjoying those small mindful moments and vent out their hearts. This pandemic has destroyed their social life completely and kids need their peer group to learn and group. Hence, we need to show them the ways, they can keep/improve their social interactions away from the zoom calls and WhatsApp calls.

I had an eye-opening and engaging workshop last weekend with the kids on the very same topic of self-care. The enthusiastic response in learning all those new techniques and tips is so encouraging and their enthusiastic participation has made me realize that self-care is also equally important for kids.